Chihuly Look-a-like

Chihuly Look-a-like


The objective of this project was to use water bottles, acrylic paint, scissors, and chicken wire to build an abstract sculpture. Using everyday tools, we were able to made an incredibly looking sculpture. All the plastic strings on this sculpture that you see were created by Ella, Kim, Sam, Cole, Madison. We were taking water bottles, cutting off the bottoms, painting the insides, and then cutting them. Having a piece of artwork that is nothing but our own work and hand movement, this creates a special cooperation between the artist and the artwork. The attention to detail, precision, and knowing how your sculpture needs to be displayed, is what truly makes this sculpture hold together. In the beginning you had to brainstorm how you were going to execute this project, come up with a game plan, and then get to work. After 3 weeks of working together and repeating the cycle of painting, cutting, and attaching, we finally made it into a sculpture. As the result, it was pretty satisfied to see the crazy result. A true artist understands the patience a project takes, and this tower is a great example of how patient I was to make it.


Ella Mason 

Sam Wegner 

Cole Seeba 

Madison Weinrich 

Kim Nguyen 

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